Lights! Camera! Action!

The Orange Television Network is the student television station for Syracuse University. OTN is a true network bringing together and broadcasting the creative energies of its partners CitrusTV, WJPZ Z89, Humor Whore, Loud and Clear, Ottonomous Productions, Live From Studio B and production classes from the Newhouse School.

Our Story

Syracuse University, is more than a sports school. With a diverse and inclusive population of students, there are stories to tell and OTN is here to tell them. Now, don’t misunderstand, we love our sports and we think we’re pretty good at telling those stories. But our campus has soul, depth and talent beyond a bouncing ball.


Staffed with its own talented and creative group of storytellers. Live shows, music, movies, comedy, sports and more keep these tireless tellers of SU stories busy.


Syracuse University’s entirely student-run TV studio. With more than 350 active members, CitrusTV is also one of the largest student organizations on campus.


The student run radio on campus and it’s your party station! Z89 is a great partner for OTN providing over 30 hours of programming from their studios in HD.

Humor Whore

A home for comedy. It’s a lab where writers, actors, directors and editors are given the opportunity to express their humor in nontraditional ways.

Ottonomous Productions

Think of it as an indie film laboratory encouraging students to express the world through their eyes, laugh at life through comedy or tell serious stories.

Loud and Clear

SU’s award-winning music video production group. Students come from many different disciplines but the one thing they all share is their love of music.

The OTN Team

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  • Josh CreggEditor - Los Angeles

    Working at OTN provided me with the foundation which built my career. It allowed me to work in all aspects of production, helping lead me on the path to post-production. The skills learned at OTN helped set me apart from my peers, allowing me to progress and accelerated success after graduation.

  • Mark ZitoDirector, Event Marketing and Talent Relations, SiriusXM Radio - NYC

    The most important thing I could say about OTN would be that it allowed me a place to go and create.  Working at just the campus radio didn’t do it for me.  OTN allowed me a sandbox where I could attempt to do it all.  More importantly, OTN provided a peer group and also an advisor that believed in me and worked with me to help make my visions a reality.  I said there was a project I wanted to do and, more or less, OTN gave me the tools and said “get to work.”  It was awesome.

  • Tonya BauerAssociate Producer, NBC Nightly News

    Orange Television Network creates a collaborative and creative environment with a freedom that cannot be found in any classroom or club on campus. Working with a team of people with different ideas, backgrounds, and interests broadened my skill set, forced me to be more creative, and opened my mind to new ways of thinking about media and production. I use my experiences from OTN everyday in my career as a news producer.

  • Aaron FrankDirector, Development, all3media – Los Angeles

    I started working at OTN day one of my freshman year as a production assistant and four months later I was tasked with producing/overseeing a live music-video show with over forty crew members. OTN was the foundation for my producing career and I’m so grateful to have been able to be a part of it throughout my time at Syracuse.

  • Alyssa VindigniProduction Assistant, NBCUniversal Media

    My time as Coordinating Producer at OTN allowed me to experience working with many different types of people and helped me understand how different work styles and personalities make for a successful and unique work environment. This was definitely helpful in continuing to transition to the real workplace upon graduation where there are people in all walks of life and with many different work styles.The experience working at OTN and the awesome studio also provided a fun haven/room to escape to, hang out in and work in and as a result created another aspect of community while in school.

  • Charlotte LipmanDirector of Client Services, MyersBizNet - NYC

    Working at Orange Television Network as Promotions Manager for two years was the best professional experience I received while on campus. I learned the value of effective team management in leading a small and dedicated promotions group. We had such fun in collaborating with other campus organizations on new ways to promote the network. It was an invaluable opportunity to work for a television station alongside a hard-working staff - most of whom I'm still in touch with today!

  • Jennifer WynkoopAssistant Producer, Northern Lights - NYC

    What I loved about OTN (besides the people, of course!) was the opportunity to explore my interests in a uniquely blended professional/educational environment. It's a great place to learn marketable skills, discover your niche, take ownership of your career, and differentiate yourself from other applicants in a highly competitive industry. When I interned at DreamWorks Animation, my entire interview was focused on the projects I worked on at OTN!