On the campus cable TV system channel 14.1 our YouTube channel, the website and Roku, AppleTV and FireTV.

No, any student in any school can be involved.

The short answer is maybe. You would have to have a meeting with the General Manager, Andy Robinson and discuss your idea, what your needs are and your level of experience.

Contact the General Manager Andy Robinson and he’ll set up a meeting where you can discuss your idea.


If it is not OTN related, you need to contact the Dick Clark Studios management directly: necoffey@syr.edu

Experience helps but isn’t necessary depending on the scope of the project you have in mind. OTN has students on staff that will be able to guide you through the production process.

Ask yourself what kind of television you like and that will help guide you to a group. Do you like comedy? News? Sports? Short films? Whatever the genre there is a real good chance there is a production group you can latch on to and the staff at OTN can help you find that group.

Yes we do! Go to the link under “Our Shows.”

Almost everything. There are only two shows we air that are not produced by students: The Arents Awards and Vintage Cinema Club. The Arents Awards are produced by a department here on campus and Vintage Cinema Club are old movies in the public doman but they are edited and packaged for air by students.

Absolutely, yes. Watching OTN is the best way to get good grades.