Tonya Bauer

Associate Producer
NBC News Health & Medical Unit


OTN gave me the professional experience to help launch my career. But more importantly, it gave me a community from the moment I stepped on campus. I was fortunate to meet and work with people from all different backgrounds. It was collaborative. It was educational. And bottom line, it was fun. I will always treasure my time at OTN.

Mark Zito

Senior Director,
Event Marketing & Talent Relations at SiriusXM

The most important thing I could say about OTN would be that it allowed me a place to go and create. OTN allowed me a sandbox where I could attempt to do it all.  More importantly, OTN provided a peer group and also an advisor that believed in me and worked with me to help make my visions a reality.  I said there was a project I wanted to do and, more or less, OTN gave me the tools and said “get to work.”  It was awesome.

Andrew Graham

Creative Artists Agency

OTN not only served as a creative outlet for me but as a testing ground where I was able to take what was learned in the classroom and apply it practically whether that be production, development or programming. My experiences taught me early lessons in leadership and the organization lead to countless fun memories and friendships. OTN was among my favorite experiences at SU!

Lindsey Dixon

3P Regional Manager II
Operations at Amazon

Working for OTN as a Promotions Manager during my time at Syracuse University taught me leadership and networking skills that set me up for success post college. I learned the importance of having fun while learning and working with my team. The freedom we had to take creative risks and learn from our mistakes helped us all to grow and develop.

Saumya Vasuthevan

Cultural Insights Analyst
A+E Networks

My time at OTN was truly unforgettable, and opened many doors from me, from internships at Viacom to A+E Networks. Within 3 years, expect to learn the ropes of TV production, and go from Production Assistant to Creator of your own show. You’ll receive one-on-one mentorship, state-of-the-art equipment, and a network of peers you’ll take with you for life. 

Josh Cregg

Freelance Editor
Los Angeles

Working at OTN was a great place to learn about Television production while in college. It provided me a great base of knowledge, so when it came time to graduate and start my career in Television, I was ready!

Courtney Kolloff

Freelance VFX Producer
Santa Monica, CA

OTN was by far one of my most favorite experiences at SU! Andy was insightful and there to guide you, but at the same time was hands off so you had freedom to create what your vision was. The knowledge I gained from my OTN experience helped prepare me for my career.

Chris Sechler

Conde Nast M+E
Santa Monica, CA

My three years of experience at OTN was invaluable during my post-grad job search. Having a steady promotion structure and real-world production responsibilities listed on my resume gave my applications serious consideration. Now in my second job after Syracuse, all of my TV & media interviews have asked about OTN, and being confident about my accomplishments there put me at ease. Thank you OTN!